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TOP 5 interesting facts about iPhone everyone should know

Interesting facts about the iPhone, which everyone should know

January 9, 2007 Steve Jobs showed the world the first iPhone. Remember the words of Steve Jobs during the presentation: “Today Apple reinvents the phone again”. Steve was not wrong, because iPhone changed the smartphone market. Apple iPhone has made mobile technology more user-friendly and easy to use. We decided to tell you some...

How to buy Apple iPhone 4 on eBay?

How to buy Apple iPhone 4 on eBay?

When you buy iPhone 4 on eBay, first of all you should pay attention on from what carrier is locked smartphone. Until recently, you could buy iPhone 4 AT&T, and then unlock smartphone for $3 in special services. However, after the release iPhone 5s AT&T the price of unlock became more expensive. Why unlock iPhone 4 AT&T has become...

Buy cheap iPhone 6 in the US – what’s the catch?

Buy cheap iPhone in the US - what's the catch?

Apple iPhone 6 became the best-selling smartphone. Users like the smartphone of its size, the amount of memory, colors and other. We should note that iPhone 6 Plus is also popular, even despite the fact that Jobs says that the big smartphone uncomfortable and useless. The company took a chance and got success. However, the price of the smartphone...

Sprint launches unlimited data plan for $20 a month

Sprint launches unlimited data plan for $20 a month

Sprint announced a new plan for those who do not use a lot of data per month. The plan called “Starter Unlimited Data” offers unlimited data, voice calls and text messages for $20 a month. After the customer uses a 1 GB of data, the speed is reduced to 2G. It should be recalled that $20 a month data is added to US $20 a month for...

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