One of the remaining carriers to offer a phone upgrade and monthly payment plan is Sprint. A bit late to the party, Sprint offers a 15 dollar discount off of their MYWAY plan with unlimited talk, text and data – something none of the other carriers currently offer.

The One Up plan by Sprint competes with T-Mobiles’ Jump Plan, Verizon’s Edge Plan and AT&T’s next plan.  The Sprint plan is really simple: You choose a phone and then make 24 payments on  it with no down payment or finance fees. You are expected to pay for the sales tax on the full purchase price of the phone though. And then, a year later you can choose to upgrade your phone if you so choose to and continue to make payments on the new phone. (another 12 months).

The data plan combined with this offer means you will pay just $65.oo monthly and the monthly payment on your phone (about $25.00 a month for a top tier phone) allowing you to get into an unlimited data plan and a brand new phone every year for under $100 a month.

see more details at Sprint.

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