Verizon is offering an Apple iPad Trade in promotion that allows for you to save up to $300 off an iPad Air when you trade in your older Apple iPad:

The trade in prices for the Apple iPads are:

Apple iPad 2 – $100.00

Apple iPad (3rd Generation) – $200.00

Apple iPad Mini – $200.00

Apple iPad with Retina Display – $300.00

They also have a tablet promotion on new activations that allow a further $100 discount. Here’s how the Apple iPad Air trade in works:

1. Buy a new Apple iPad Air and save $100 off with 2 year activation

2. Once you activate your iPad Air, within 5 days you will get a code to use to trade in your older iPad. (if you have an iPad 2, skip this step)

3. Visit Verizon Wireless Trade In page  and follow the steps on this page to continue with trading in your old Apple iPad. Once your iPad is received in good working order, you’ll get a Verizon Wireless Gift Card up to $300.00.

iPad air trade in program