Prepaid phones are becoming more and more common as customers of the mobile phone industry are starting to realize that prepaid phones can be cheaper than contract phones where the carrier supplies you with a brand new smartphone in exchange for you committing  to a pricey 2 year contract. But with a prepaid phone, all that changes thanks to the fact that with a prepaid phone vs a regular phone contract you are never locked into a contract for your phone usage requirements.

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Prepaid Phone Advantages

Probably the best advantage of a prepaid phone over other services is that you get to save money on your smartphone plan. Now, to be fair – the contacts of today are much more affordable than they were but for most users you can stay in contact with others much cheaper when you buy a prepaid phone.  Prepaid phone plans can be had for a little as under ten dollars a month which is much more affordable for smartphone users than the thought of having to spend upwards  of $100 or more that you are tied into with a contract plan. You can also upgrade your prepaid phone at any time as you are no longer tied to a contract, so that means if a brand new phone comes out that you must have, all you would have to do is activate the new phone on your prepaid phone plan and then sell your old phone on eBay or Craigslist or some other method to recoup your cost of the new phone. There will more than likely be a price differnce between what you will pay for your new phone vs  your old but you will get a newer phone without any upgrade restrictions you get when using a contact with a cellular carrier.

The Best Prepaid Phone Plans

There are many, many prepaid phone plans from many many different carriers like the major carriers  like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and so on, and in most cases these carriers offer different prepaid plans: True prepaid plans where you pre-pay – usually by buying a card and then activating the card through your phone to get the credits applied to your account. Or, some carriers also offer monthly plans to allow you the benefits of a contract plan where you are billed monthly. If you don’t want to worry about tracking your minutes and losing your money because you forgot to refill your prepaid plan, then the monthly plan might be a better deal for you.

Also, don’t forget that some retailers also offer their own prepaid phone plans, like Walmart’s Straight Talk phone plans or the smartphone plans from Target called BrightSpot.  There  are also other plans from other companies like Net10, Tracphone, Sprint, Ting and many many more.

It’s this confusion on finding the perfect plan for your prepaid phone needs that you need to consider looking for more resources to help you when it comes to buying your next smartphone and prepaid phone  plan.  Below are a few resources for helping you get the best prepaid phone plan custom built for you:

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