3 Tricks of Apple: price of iphone 6 no contract will cost you more than ever

The average price of iphone 6 no contract was about $ 660 in the last quarter, for almost $ 100 more than the previous year and more than than $ 200 more from the debut 2007 model year.

Apple has three tricks for getting more profit from the sales of its new iPhones.

People pay more for memory

Analysts Royal Bank of Canada conducted a research which showed that 16% of iPhone customers are going to buy a 128 GB version of the iPhone, which costs $ 200 more than the 16 GB version.

Apple has reduced the amount of memory that takes the operating system and it is possible to remove and restore the applications automatically when you upgrade to a new version of iOS. However, many people think that it makes sense to spend the extra $ 100 for 64 GB and $ 200 for 128 GB.

The larger the screen, the better

RBC discovered that 40% of iPhone buyers choose iPhone 6S Plus, which is $ 100 more expensive.

The average price of iphone 6 no contract increased by $ 40 in one quarter, when the iPhone 6 Plus debuted last year. Large screens are very popular. These devices more than doubled its sales over the past year, according to the data of Nielsen.

IPhones with large screens very negative impact on sales of the iPad, but that’s another story.

Buy a new smartphone every year

The last trick of Apple is to get people to buy the new iPhone every year.

New leasing program «iPhone Upgrade» of Apple asks customers to pay $ 32 per month (for the 16GB iPhone 6), and change their iPhone after 12 months of using the new one.

According to RBC, 20% of people decided not to buy at the price of iphone 6 no contract, but to use the program «iPhone Upgrade» from Apple.

This means that Apple has finally found a way to retain customers and get them to buy a new model of its smartphone. Apple has found a way to make customers more loyal.