How not to buy fake galaxy 4 refurbished phone in China?

If you prefer to save money and want to buy an galaxy s4 refurbished phone not from official resellers, we advise you to read this article. It may well be that you purchase a fake Samsung Galaxy s4, instead of the new one. Moreover, Chinese craftsmen can make a fake smartphone, which is very difficult to distinguish from the original.

Chinese technology blog ITHome published an article in which told of how craftsmen from China have established the process of restoring galaxy s4 refurbished phone. Most of these phones are damaged (cracked screen, soaked motherboard), but after a few hours the smartphone is practically new and is sent to resell on the gray market.

Chinese workshops are filled with all kinds of spare parts for the Galaxy S4 and on an industrial scale is carried out necessary repairs of defective devices.

However, the process does not end there. Chinese expert pack galaxy s4 refurbished phone in a box, which is difficult to distinguish from the original, and even paste protective film on the phone screen and on the box attach label with the serial number Apple.

The main market for galaxy s4 refurbished phone is China, where the most popular models Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4, and more often these two models are fakes.

In other words, if you take the fake galaxy s4 refurbished phone, you can hardly distinguish it from the original. But if you buy a galaxy s4 refurbished phone in brand shops, you are sure to get the original. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to use only the official reseller of delivery which comes directly from Samsung.