Rating: where to buy the cheapest iPhone 5S no contract

iPhone 5s no contract is one of the most popular smartphones. However, the price of new items is quite impressive. At the same time the price of the iphone 5s no contract may vary significantly in different countries.

Where to buy cheap iphone 5s no contract?

Of course, you will not go to the other end of the world to buy iphone 5s no contract. However, for those who are going to travel, information can be useful. We present to you a map, which shows the price range of 707 to 1091 US dollars.

Rating: where to buy the cheapest iPhone 5S no contract

The creators of the map took into account not only the prices in the shops, but also taxes, as well as other hidden charges, which the buyer pays when purchasing. It would seem that the price in China and India should be lower, but it is not.  In these countries, iphone 5s no contract will cost $866.93 and $857.76, respectively.

Most expensive iphone 5s no contract in Europe and the Middle East. In Jordan, the basic model with 16 GB of memory will cost $1091, in Turkey – $1063. In Sweden, the price of iphone 5s no contract is 953.79 US dollar, in France – $958.47.

Homeland of iPhone are the United States of America. You might be surprised, but in the US, not all users prefer to buy a iphone 5s no contract in the Apple store. Only 25% of users buy iphone 5s no contract at Apple Store. The remaining 75% of users buy from mobile operators or and retail sales of electronics.

Best Buy stores sell 12% of all smartphones, including the iphone 5s no contract. Target, Walmart and Costco in total were able to score only 13%.

The largest representative of the US mobile operator Verizon has realized sales 57% of the iphone 5s no contract.

In addition, Apple stores are on the list of top stores that sell smartphones, and it’s only iPhone. Apple covers 11% of the sales of smartphones in the United States. If to speak about iPhone sales only, then Apple is 25% of the market.  The sales of AT & T are about 21%, Verizon – 18%, Best Buy – 13%, Sprint and Amazon sell about 5% each.