Verizon has a pretty good deal on the Apple iPhone 5s if you can live with a refurbished phone instead of a brand new one.

A brand new Apple iPhone 5s costs $199.99 on contract, while the refurbished can be had for just $129.99 instead.

That’s a savings of $70.00 off the regular price. You’re still on the hook for the 2 year contract though, and the refurbished phone only comes with a 90 day warranty.

Another option would be to go without a contract on the refurbished Apple iPhone 5s at just $449.99, and that’s a $200 discount from the $649.99 MSRP.

Sure, you will have to pay more up front, but you get bigger savings overall and you’re not tied into any contract so when the Apple iPhone 6 release date comes around you’ll be ready to upgrade and if you need to buy a Verizon phone on contract for 2 years, the rumored iPhone 6 would be a much better deal as you are getting the new phone instead of a 9 month old refurbished model.

The release date of the Apple iPhone 6 has not yet been announced but for recent iPhone releases, the date is usually around mid September which gives Apple enough time to ship the new iPhones in time for the 2014 holiday shopping season.