How to buy used iPhone 5 with no contract?

In the Internet you can find a used iphone 5 with no contract at the best price. The safest was is to buy a smartphone in well-known shopping sites or online stores, which always has a system of protection for the buyer. In addition, you can check the seller’s rating.

What to look for when buying used iphone 5 with no contract in the Internet

When you buy used iphone 5 with no contract you should pay attention to such parameters as locked, unlock, jailbreak, the terms and conditions of use of the previous owner and complete set. Also it is necessary to discuss the final price.

You should ask the seller to decouple the device from the Apple ID. If the device has iOS 7 or higher then after reset the used iphone 5 with no contract will not start without the credentials of the former owner.

The next question is how do you get used iphone 5 with no contract: postal mail or a personal meeting with the seller? In the first case it is necessary to determine the method of delivery and transfer of money.

When you get a smartphone in the mail, you need to be sure to check the package. Keep in mind, if you buy used iphone 5 with no contract with the subsequent delivery, then you need to choose a seller with a good rating.

You can buy used iphone 5 with no contract and get it in a personal meeting. Then you need to to follow a few rules.

Agree with the seller about the meeting in a public place where you can sit and connect the used iphone 5 with no contract to the network of 220 V. It is also desirable to have a Wi-Fi at this place.

Next, it is necessary to carefully examine the purchase used iphone 5 with no contract. Please note the following:

  • Make sure that the appearance of a used iphone 5 with no contract corresponds to the images that were available at the online store.
  • Check all the physical buttons and switches.
  • Shake the device to make sure the integrity of the body and parts of it.
  • It is advisable to test Wi-Fi, calls, charging from the network.
  • You should call your friends to check the speaker and microphone
  • Look closely at the screen to see defective pixels and scratches. Hold your finger on any icon to activate the editing mode. Hold any icon and actively move it across the screen. So you can quickly check the “dead” zones on the sensor.
  • Check the camera, compass and gyroscope.

If you do not find any damage, then you can safely give the money to the seller. You could ask the seller if he could give you the used iphone 5 with no contract for a few days for testing.  Do not forget to write down the telephone number of the seller, if you have questions.