3 Ways to Increase Battery Life iPhone 6S

It is known that Apple iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world. Unfortunately, iPhone 6s does not have the best battery life. The new version of operating system iOS received new useful features that consume battery power.

If you do not want to give up with your new iPhone 6S, then we recommend you to disable several features that you rarely use or do not use at all to increase battery life iPhone 6S.

Energy-expensive applications

First we recommend you to analyze the energy-expensive applications. You can go to Settings – Battery and see which applications consume the most battery power.

Statistics gives reason to think about how you use your iPhone. Perhaps some of the tasks you perform on your tablet or computer, while smartphone will be needed for the most necessary applications (most of all – social networks). This solution has many more advantages, not only to increase battery life iPhone 6S.

Unnecessary notifications

Next, you should look in Settings – Notifications. Here, you should understand what application can send notifications, and which should be banned. Notifications appear in the top bar iOS. Note that most applications ask for permission when you first install it. So be careful when you agree to the granting of permits.

Disable GPS

Also, you should take a close look in the section Settings – Confidentiality. Here you can see what applications wants to access the geolocation. Disable the applications that do not need to know your location. Just do not turn off GPS for navigation services, because maps applications will not work. Other applications only collect statistics and work perfectly without your geolocation.

Thus, only a few actions can increase battery life iPhone 6S.