What is Neverlock and Unlock iPhone?

What you should pay attention when you buy a new smartphone? Most likely you hear a phrase like “Neverlock”. What does it mean Neverlock? What is the difference between Neverlock and Unlock iPhone? Let’s see.

Neverlock (phone never locked) means that the iPhone works with all mobile operators without any additional chips or programs. Meanwhile, unlock iPhone is more difficult.

Let’s look at the history of iPhone. Phones were made originally for the United States and Europe. In the US and Europe has a popular purchase contract. What does it mean? You buy the phone for about 20% of its value, but at the same time sign a contract with a particular operator. Under the terms of the contract you agree to use the services of a particular operator and to pay the monthly fee. Thus, you get the phone at much cheaper, but if you look, paying a contract for 2 years, the operator returns their money invested and multiplies profits. It is worth noting that if the user breaks the contract, he must pay the full cost of the phone.

Thus, the operator locks the mobile phone until will expire contract with the user. All this time phone will work only in a specific network operator. It sounds – Locked iPhone.

If the user of the phone is going to go to another country, he most likely will need to use another operator, as not all US carriers work abroad. In this case, the user only has to write an official request and the iPhone will be unlocked. After this procedure, the device lock will be impossible. This procedure is called «Premium Unlock». Officially unlocked iPhones is absolutely no different from Neverlock.

It is time to talk about how to check the phone is locked or not?

What is Neverlock and Unlock iPhone?

Remove the slot for a SIM card, it should be no chips. The slot must be empty. Then, insert your SIM card and if the phone catches network you can be calm, you have Neverlock phone.

If you want to finally see this you can type the verification code to check the balance of money in the account, it always ends with #. If the phone shows the balance of your phone – you definitely are holding Neverlock. If the phone rings (in any combination at the end with #) – You’ve got Lock phone.

We hope the article was useful to you, and you understand the difference between neverlock and unlock iPhone.