How to buy iPhone 6 cheaper? Prices for iPhone 6 no contract

When you buy a new iPhone 6 no contract, you choose the color, built-in memory and specification. We also recommend to pay attention to another important part – lock or unlock your smartphone.

The term lock means that the device is attached to the mobile operator. Thus the operator has been selling smartphone and provides communication services. At the same time you cannot use SIM cards of other operators until the end of the contract period (usually 2 years).

Therefore, we advise you to choose iPhone 6 no contract. Perhaps such smartphones will cost a bit more expensive, but you will be able to choose what services the operator to use.

When you buy iPhone 6 no contract, especially in the US, make sure the smartphone is locked or unlocked. Many buyers want to buy a cheaper smartphone, but because of the carelessness they can buy a locked or even stolen iPhones.

When you buy a iPhone 6 no contract you should pay on the slot for a SIM card. Below a picture that shows what lock and unlock a slot for a SIM card.

How to buy iPhone 6 cheaper? Prices for iPhone 6 no contract

Also you can insert your SIM card and try to call. If the card is not activated, then the screen displays messages like Incompatible SIM or ContactServiceProvider, which means that the smartphone is locked.

Prices iPhone 6 no contract

As you already know, the cheapest unlocked iPhone 6 sold in the United States. The price of iPhone 6 no contract with 16 GB of internal memory at the Apple Store is $ 549.

We want to warn you that you may have a problem with one-year warranty, because it is valid only in the United States. Therefore, if you broke your iPhone 6 no contract, you’ll have to send him to the United States for your money.


As you can see, buying a iPhone 6 no contract in the US has its pluses and minuses. You should carefully check the smartphones in the United States, as they often locked of AT & T, which has long been working closely with Apple.

You can buy the iPhone 6 with contract in several cases:

  • You do not have the money to buy a smartphone.
  • You are satisfied with the plan of the operator, from whom you will buy a smartphone.
  • You plan to live in the US in the next two years.

In other cases, we advise you to buy iPhone 6 no contract.