3 ways how to unlock verizon iphone 5

Unlock is a process disconnecting the mobile phone iPhone (6S, 6S Plus, 6, 6Plus, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4) from the mobile operator. Unlock verizon iphone 5 necessary, if you bought an iPhone with a contract of verizon, but you want to use another operator.

IMEI of iPhones are stored in a single database activation servers Apple. This database can be accessed only Apple employees and representatives of mobile operators, which signed an agreement with Apple to sell locked iPhone. For every iPhone in the database contains information on how it is locked or not, if so, on what mobile operator.

When you turn on the iPhone for the first time or do recovery firmware, the device is activated. Once, iTunes sends to Apple server several hardware IDs. The server finds your iPhone by IMEI in the database Apple and sends the activation key. It is encrypted order to allow iTunes unlock verizon iphone 5 for one or for all mobile operators.

How to unlock verizon iphone 5 official?

Official Unlock iPhone is one way to unlock verizon iphone 5 from the mobile operator and use it with any connection.

Official unlock is very convenient and fast procedure.  During the official unlock verizon iphone 5 company Apple change IMEI in database that stores all the information about smartphones. This is the most reliable method and is done once and for all.

3 ways how to unlock verizon iphone 5

How to unlock verizon iphone 5 software?

Software unlock iPhone works by modem vulnerabilities in the iPhone. This type of unlock iPhone requires a modification of the program cover the device.

The software unlock verizon iphone 5 can all versions of iOS, but to install it, you must first jailbreak your phone. Traditionally jailbreak comes only a few days after the release of new firmware.

Software unlock verizon iphone 5 is the most popular type unlock because it is completely free.

How to unlock verizon iphone 5 hardware?

Hardware unlock verizon iphone 5 involves working with internal hardware iPhone.

For example, iPhone 2G can be unlocked by opening the housing and closing the right contacts on the chip modem.

The most popular method of a hardware unlock is GEVEY SIM – a special tray for SIM-card for the verizon iphone 5 and verizon iphone 5S, which allows you to force iPhone to accept SIM-card of another operator.

This method is interesting, but uncomfortable. Firstly, you need to pay extra money for Gevey Sim. Secondly, if you want to update the firmware to the latest version, the iPhone after this procedure again blocked.